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Dear clients,
Please see below the latest news related to logistic services to Iraq.
I.) Holidays / Ramadan
Currently, there are a couple of religious holidays in southern Iraq. Therefore, we are facing curfews on certain routes. The work at Umm Qassr port has slowed down by almost 50%. Furthermore, please pay attention to the beginning of Ramadan:
11.08.2010 - Beginning of Ramadan
10.09.2010 - Eid Al-Fitr (followed by one week holidays).
During Ramadan working hours in the port, customs as well as Ministries, State and private companies will be reduced.

II.) Border situation
As usual just before Ramadan, the cargo volume has increased. In addition, major shipment for various rehabilitation and construction projects reached the Iraqi ports and the relevant transit port. Therefore, the general freight level is constantly rising
right now.
a.) Al Karameh / Trebil (Jordan/Iraqi border)
The flow of cargo via Jordan into Iraq is still limited as well as the number of Iraqi trucks entering Jordan on a daily basis (average 40-50 per day max). Still no Iraqi reefer trucks are allowed to enter Jordan. Therefore, all reefer cargo has to be
transhipped from Jordan to Iraqi reefer trucks at the border.
Current waiting time at the border approx 2-3 days.
b.) Syrian/Iraqi borders
The traffic via the Syrian gateway into Iraq is slightly increasing. As a border point, so far, only the border point of “Al Waleed” remains open (except the railway border).
c.) Habour / Zakho (Turkish / Iraqi border) The Trade Volume between Turkey and Iraq as well as the Transit cargo volume via Iraq has significantly increased. Therefore, freight charges for shipments out of Turkey or via Turkey to Iraq are constantly rising. The waiting time for outgoing trucks from Turkey to Iraq is actually 4-5 days while the waiting time for trucks from Iraq back to Turkey is up to 6 days right now.
d.) Umm Qassr port
The productivity of Umm Qassr port is affected by fuel, power shortages and high temperature. Due to the current holidays and the up coming Ramadan, we expect a further increase of the congestion situation at Umm Qassr port. The average waiting time for vessels to berth is already between 3-7 days and will certainly increase in the coming weeks.
e.) Safwan/ Abdali commercial border point (Kuwait / Iraqi border)
The situation is normal again. Approx 100-200 trucks with commercial cargo are crossing this border point daily. All cargo has to be transhipped from Kuwaiti to Iraqi trucks. Currently there are talks between the governments to set up dedicated border crossing points for the international oil companies to ensure a relatively smooth operation for the import of oil equipment.
II.) Umm Qassr Port Extension
The Iraqi Port Authority is planning to build four new berths at Umm Qassr port. The plans are in an early stage and the location of the berths has not been finalised yet. However, it is planed to have the new berths on a north east shore close to the existing port facilities. The “South part” of the port has been opened for investments by foreign companies. Therefore, some international port operators took over several jetties such as:
  •  Berth No. 5 is operated by the Kuwait Company called “Glow”
  •  Berth No. 8, 10 and 11 is operated by Sharjah based port operator “Gulftainer. Those three berths will form the “Iraqi Container Terminal”.
  •  Berth No. 4 is operated by the French shipping line CMA-CGM.
  • III.) Iraqi Fairs
  • Please take a note of the following Iraqi Fairs:
  • Erbil International Fair: 18th - 21st October 2010.
  • Baghdad International Fair: 01st - 10th November 2010.
  • Basrah Oil & Gas Fair: 25th - 28th November 2010.
  • Yours faithfully,