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Report and photographing Ahmed ِAl Nafi Baghdad April 1, 2007 :
We try here to represent monthly the small businessman of the month , which highlighted the merchants who lived through the Iraqi reality for over 30 years. The German business in the Sheikh Omar largest industrial Moreau in Iraq. Nobody of the Iraqis did not know Sheikh Omar Street. That street, which was brought up by local industry professionals. That Atrteki to the art industry today witnessed by the world?! Street strayed lagged behind progress and prosperity due to : local street over four decades. This is due to the war and embargo, which passed by Iraq. ,

Today Iraqi instustry is not meeting modern technology and innovation standards. It is not that we lack in talent. It is rather that we need still to make up for more than 13 years of Embargo and being shut off from internatinal experiences. We still lack experienced teachers and essential spare parts for our industries. to import any of them is extremely costly to us. Due to global market policies and exchange rates prices often are exorbitant to us. These aspects may vary in importance from industry to industry, but constitute an overall problem to Iraqy economy.

Salesman Qais Abdul-Jabbar is dealing in tools in Sheikh Omar Street, Bagdad and was interviewed by Bazari Nui, the German-Iraqi monthly Midan Gazette.

Mr. Qais Abdul-Jabbar is interviewed in representation of Iraqy salespeople as trade in  the wide range of tools as offered in Sheikh Omar Street kept him in close contact toraqi realities for the last 30 years  .

Bazari Nui: Your intervention in all industries how to respond to that?

Q: Qais Abdul-Jabbar : Yes, that the profession is not easy. I am recognized it like a Sea of large experience comes in years. I treat them before I have 30 years of experience enough, which make me first in the Sheikh Omar Street, but in Iraq in the field of hand tools.

 : What is your opportunity of industrial and commercial reality today?

C : Qais Abdul-Jabbar : assess the negative undoubtedly!. And attribute that to lack of a body or federation or union supports the merchant or industrial technically. Recent studies on the overall industrial countries were based in the group as the fulcrum. Factor in Iraq does not have a culture of industrial, and does not have adequate training in the area of competence, but does not have the courage to talk about the overall industrial and commercial life. We need to institute for the training and rehabilitation, the institute develop the profession of hand (honesty at work and the way of success and how to compete with other professional manner, far from lying, cheating, and to the role of advertising in the promotion, and the goal to be achieved) Success for the Stabilization of deceiving others, but they destroy a sign in Allasdoq merchant, and one that does not find a place in the merchant market, which already lacks credibility.

Q : This means that you supporters of the training and rehabilitation of the merchant before entering the domestic market?

C : Qais Abdul-Jabbar : Take the example of South Korea in 1970 leaving Iraq had never Korea in a lot of industries, what happened to Korea until it reaches what it is today? before leaving the driver to receive industry and power. Factor in Korea possesses today Mainland homeland, and that the highest levels of national, Training and Rehabilitation Group was based real for the advancement of Korea.

Q : Your occupation is not easy as I said it was a product of considerable experience. If you open the Institute for Training and Rehabilitation Is your given?

C : Qais Abdul-Jabbar : Yes, the coming generations would have to stand and promote the country, we pursued a generation of war, did not look forward to the experience in the world. I am thinking now to visit Germany : Do you know why? So agreed with the German Federation of work for the opening of large workshop in Iraq. Training and qualifying and financing sector and the summary of what I want to say about my country, which lacks the modern style in education and counseling. Q : One final word want to add?

C : Qais Abdul-Jabbar : First : I do not think that this country evolve according to what is happening chaos in which we live today, there are no schools and institutes for training and rehabilitation. I appeal to the role of oversight and the integrity of the intensification of efforts. Also found on the experiences of the world or the experience of Germany, for example South Korea, for example it is close to reality. Second : access to the experience of German exhibited through large. I think it is appropriate to keep the merchant German opposition after the opening of the Institute. So for a few hours we speak the truth about the feasibility of the visit. The extent of potential Iraqi trader who always dismayed by the potential and we say to him that nations and peoples Tttort after Balkhtae admitted mistakes but they experienced. Therefore appeared think correctly, we must recognize that we have the mistakes and really want to address. Preparation and photographing Ahmed beneficial Baghdad April 1, 2007

Textfeld: لا سبيل لإنقاذ المجتمع من  الكذب والتخلف ألا بإقامة معاهد ألمانية للتدريب والتأهيل