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لاcan quote you the following plant:
1 set of unsused equipment for 1.4 m T/Y dry process cement plant
all equipment new between 1997 - 1999 and ws never installed
Note: the equipment offered includes the items noted in sections below.
In general the supplied items include the main technical imported parts.
other parts were intended to be fabricated locally and full manufacturing drawings were supplied and will be provided to the new buyer. For example, major items to be locally fabricatedinclude hte preheater tower, preheater cyclones and ducts, kiln shell, cooler side plates, ESP housing, large fan housings. The following list is not necessarily comprehensiveand is not guranteed to be accurate. it is the responsibility of the buyer to make a detailed onsite inspection of the equipment, packing lists, plans, drawings, manuals etc. and make their own determination of the equpment suitability for their intended purpose. currently the equipment is mainly stored in its original shipping packaging, come crates indoors in a warehause, other crates stored outdoors under tarpaulin covers.
KHD Kiln Hardware 3500 tpd / 4000 tpd
2 - kiln tyre sectin station 1 and 2 including fastening
2 - kiln tyres
4 - supporting rollers with shaft
4 bearing housing
2 pc. girth gear halves
KHD raw mill fan
Type HSK 212/325, excluding housing
KHD raw mill fan
Type HKS 250 / 355
KHD fans for dust collector
2 off Type B 1500/2240 K, impeller with sharft, support and coupling
FAM circular storage system
Limestone         density 1.4t/m³
                        Angle of repose 38 deg
                        Size 30 mm
                        Moisture 9 % max
Stockpile          100 % chevron
                        37000 tonnes
                        base width 37 m
                        hight 14,5 m
Boom conveyor    Capacity 1100 t/h
Bridge reclaimer   Capacity 50 - 400 t/h
Discharge Conveyor Capacity 400 t / h
FAM Longitudinal storage
Portal side scraper for Silica (1,6 t/m³) or Shale (1,4 t/m³) or Gypsum (1,2t/m³) capacity 300 tph
Bridge type reclaimer for coal (0,9 - 1,5 t/m³) capacity 20 - 100 tph
Bridge type relaimer for clinker (1,35 t/m³) capacity 90 - 450 tph
Polysius Raw mill
Ball mill 5.2 m x 13.0 m
Shell supported, slideshoe bearings
sot of liners with bolts, washers and nuts
rated capacity
Feedrate        270 tph
Moisture        10 % feed maisture
Feed size       0-30 mm
12 % residue on 0.09 mm
combiflex Drive
4.000 Kw
Polysius Finished mill
2 Chamber Ball mill 5.0 x16.5 m
Rated capacity       
Feedrate 190 tph (Based on 3000 cmg Blaine)
94 % passing 200 mesh
Combiflex Drive
2 x 3.000 KW
Flex Gas Filter ESP for Kiln and raw mill
600.000 m³/h at compound operation
clean gas 0.050 g/m³ (STD wet)
Discharge electrodes type RS
Supporting insulators M 1544
Guideplates, hammers, rapping
Spill back nozzles and pumps
Parts of Claudius Peters Cooler (all except cooler grate and side plates and grate plate supports, cooler grit discharge valves
Original size 1033 / 1050. rated 3.800 tpd
entension designed to 1033/1050/1020 rated 4000 tpd
Claudius Peter Multicyclone dust collector system for cooler exhaust
2 off Type T 1512
FLS Coal Mill supply
Tirax Mill 3.4 x 5 m
Rated Capacity
Feedrate            25 tph
Feed size           5% + 25 mm
Moisture             16     5
Sieve residue     10 % on 90 micron mesh
Electrical Switchgear + Substation
ABB metal - clad indoor switchgear type VHA - 12
3 x 35 MVA Substation Transformers HV 138 kV, LV 4.16 KV, with accessories.
Price on request.
I hope to hear from you