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January 30th, 2015 NEWSLETTER 

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Dear Clients, Partners and Friends,

we are pleased to update you on the current situation in Iraq as follows 

                1. Latest News

Attack on Kirkuk city limits 

An attack towards security forces has been effected on 30 Jan 2015. The main road Kirkuk-Baghad has been temporary blocked because of security reasons.

Emirates lift off flights to Baghdad International until further notice Please be informed that Emirates, Ethiad, FlyDubai and other Airlines flights to Baghdad airport have been immediately stopped. The reason is some unclarified incident during landing procedure of an aircraft on January 26, 2015.

                2. Security Situation

Due to the current crisis, the security situation in the various regions changes almost daily. Therefore, the below details are subject to change and without guarantee.

KRG region

The area is safe – no attacks are registered.

Deliveries and transit traffic are still possible without any obstacles or delays.

Central and South Iraq

Province Al-Tamim (Kirkuk):

Deliveries coming from the North (KRG region) are possible and the current security situation is still under control of Peshmerga forces. The city limits of Kirkuk have been attacked by IS. The road Kirkuk-Baghdad has been temporary blocked for security reasons.

Province Nineveh: 

Mosul still under full control of IS and we do not offer any deliveries to this area or routed in transit via this area.

Province Salahaddin:

Salahaddin is still under control of the Iraqi army. Nevertheless shipments can only be delivered or routed in transit to / via eastern / northeastern part of Salahaddin. Deliveries to Tikrit are not possible as per now.

January 30th, 2015 NEWSLETTER 

M.G. International Transports GmbH · D-57072 Siegen · Koblenzer Str. 40 Telefon +49 271 4093-0 · Telefax +49 271 4093-21 E-Mail: · 2

Province Diyala: 

The security situation of this province is still under control of IS and Iraqi Army. Shipments can still be delivered or routed in transit to / via the eastern part of Diyala. Transit traffic or deliveries to Baqubah / Jalawla are only temporary possible and at the same time risky.

Province Anbar:

Due to the crises in this province we do not offer deliveries to Anbar City, Falluja and Ramadi. Furthermore we do not offer the service via Trebil.

Province Baghdad:

In general, there are still almost daily attacks registered in Baghdad area. As per now and after intensive security checks – shipments to Baghdad or via Baghdad Airport or from Umm Qassr Seaport are possible.

Provinces Babil – Karbala – Wasit – Qadisiya – Maysan – Najaf – Thi Qar – Muthanna – Basrah:

Under control of the Iraqi Army. No attacks by ISIS registered yet. Shipments via Baghdad- / Basrah Airport or Basrah- / Umm Qassr Seaport can be delivered.

                3. Border situation


Turkish / Iraqi border (Ibrahim Khalil border)

The border staff is operating normally. The truck and cargo inspection are still more detailed. The current waiting time ex Turkey towards Iraq is 3-4 days. The waiting time ex Iraq towards Turkey is 9-10 days.

Jordanian / Iraqi border (Trebil border)

The security situation still mixed. We still do not recommend these border points at the moment as clashes are reported daily. A part of the Road from Trebil towards Baghdad is still controlled by IS. Cargo for the private sector can pass after paying road fees to IS. But there is still a high risk that governmental cargo gets confiscated. Therefore, we do not offer transports crossing this route till further notice.

                4. Airfreight


Erbil Airport

Erbil Airport is working normal and regular passenger and cargo flights are available as per below shown schedule.

Sulaymaniyah Airport

Airport is working normal and regular passenger and cargo flights are available.

January 30th, 2015 NEWSLETTER

M.G. International Transports GmbH · D-57072 Siegen · Koblenzer Str. 40 Telefon +49 271 4093-0 · Telefax +49 271 4093-21 E-Mail: · 3


Baghdad International Airport (BIAP)

BIAP is working normal and under control of the Army. There are regular passenger and cargo flights. Deliveries are possible within Baghdad city limits and to all destinations south of Baghdad. Deliveries to destinations north of Baghdad are subject to the situation and the dedicated destination.

Basrah Airport

Basrah Airport is still working normal and regular passenger flights are available. Cargo flights are possible on request only as per above schedule.

Cargo Flights to KRG


To Erbil Airport

To Baghdad Airport

To Basrah Airport

Emirates Sky Cargo

3 freighter + 4 pax weekly

*Temporarily suspended

unrestricted operation

Lufthansa / Austrian Airlines

A319 max 150 kg/pce

no service

no service

Etihad Crystal Cargo


max 50 kg/pce

max 150 kg/pce

Royal Jordanian


unrestricted operation


Coyne Airways (RUS Aviaton)

1 freighter / weekly

1 freighter / weekly

on request only

Qatar Airways

3 freighter + 4 pax weekly

4 pax weekly

4 pax weekly – PAX = max 150 kg/pce

Turkish Airlines

2 freighter + pax weekly




*Important notice:

For cargo flights to Baghdad, please check case by case with us. Due to the recent incident there are changes in the schedule possible and flights might be cancelled without pre-notice.

                5. Umm Qassr / Khor Al Zubair ports


Both ports are working normal. Customs and all governmental receivers are proceeding with clearing and collecting / receiving the shipments. We still deliver goods on daily basis to various destinations and oilfields in the southern area of Iraq.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

M.G. International Transports GmbH


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